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CSCS Certification-What it is and why it is the only certification that matters!

CSCS CertificateThe Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) certification is highly specialized which identifies individuals, who have demonstrated proficiency and possess a sound knowledge in the areas of proper strength training and conditioning practices. This includes designing and implementing safe and effective training programs. Professionals from a variety of academic and career backgrounds hold this prestigious credential. This diverse group includes strength coaches, athletic team coaches, athletic trainers, physical therapists, exercise physiologists, physicians, chiropractors, and university faculty (researchers & educators). A CSCS certification will let the athlete know that they have chosen to work with a highly qualified professional, who has passed the most challenging certification exam in the field of strength and conditioning.

Why should you consider training with a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist?

Several athletes "get by" on talent alone, but in most cases they have not reached their full athletic potential because of not conditioning their body to best utilize that talent. Athletes, who often train on their own, generally use basic resistance training guidelines or advice from a well-intentioned friend or coach. While the athlete might be utilizing standard resistance training exercises to train their muscles, he or she will most likely not be performing exercises which will best transfer to improving the playing ability of their particular sport. The athlete also often overtrains certain body parts or the whole body in general thinking that "if this much is good, then more must be better." The end result is usually a lot of wasted effort and time. The goal of improving actual athletic performance probably did not occur for the athlete. In some cases there is actually a decrease in performance due to overtraining syndrome. Most importantly, several athletes fail to realize that a proper strength & conditioning program consists of several components beyond "lifting weights and performing some running drills". Working with an individual, who is CSCS certified will ensure that the athlete will be properly trained to enable that athlete to reach maximum athletic potential within his or her own individual genetic capacity.

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